Work Smarter

When you join the Nexus Global IFA support network you will be helping to build your unique brand and expand your global offering, while simultaneously reducing the associated regulatory and compliance burden.

This means you will have the time and energy to enhance your focus on the things that matter: the interests of your clients and your business.

Our professional service offers guidance and support as well as providing you with the documentation and infrastructure to build your business positively. Whether you are looking to move into bold new territory or start from the ground up, Nexus Global is designed to serve the needs of the modern IFA.

Contact us today to find out more and join our network.

Diversify and Develop

Whether you are a large business or a smaller specialist intermediary, Nexus Global helps you diversify and develop by offering international staff training, alongside sales and prospecting seminars as well as support and guidance on new and existing products.

Diversify and Develop

Greater Scope and Greater Protection

Indemnify your business and save on the costs of individual cover by utilising the enhanced cover that comes via the Nexus Global network group policy. Nexus Global also offers guidance on internal complaints procedures and can provide you with support in the event of a claim.

Diversify and Develop

Enhance your Banking and Custody Platforms

With 24/7 viewing capability, access to private banking products not usually available to the general public and a live valuation service, you can consolidate and control your customer’s assets in a way that works to improve your mutual interests.

Diversify and Develop

Nexus Global Office Systems

Members have full access to our IFA-specific Customer Relationship Management System. Full cloud access allows you to view your business at a glance from any location in the world, keeping you connected and able to respond efficiently.

Make the most of your business by taking advantage of the Nexus Global reach and enhanced cover. Join us today.

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