Nexus Global Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of being part of a network?

We take care of the boring side of business for you. If you’re looking to grow your brand without the burdens of establishing regulatory licences in multiple jurisdictions – monitoring regulations that are ever-growing in complexity – joining a network alleviates you of the headaches and gives you time to focus on scaling your business.

What makes Nexus Global different from other networks

Leveraging off the long standing and prestigious reputation of the Blacktower Group, at Nexus Global we pride ourselves on ensuring best practices for our members and their clients. Our vast regulatory infrastructure puts us in a truly unique position as a network, allowing for international licencing opportunities and the ability to build your business into a multi-jurisdictional operation.

We thrive off the continued opportunities to scale our businesses together and expand our licencing footprint into new jurisdictions and markets.

At Nexus Global, excelling as a team always trumps personal ego. As a result we have teams you can trust, that can back you up and most importantly – help you develop your business while changing the wealth management landscape.

The Nexus Global Formula

We grow to benefit all members.
We make astute choices to build an ethical business and drive sustainable growth for our members.
We work as a team – across cultures and time zones.
We communicate openly and transparantly with our members. We won’t hide behind emails.
We value input from all our Nexus members.
We are a team you can trust, using our expertise where it counts.

How widely-spread is Nexus Global?

Nexus Global is a division of the Blacktower group of companies, which was founed in 1986 and offers a series of licenced legal entities (7 and growing), situated within the EU and Internationally. The network’s regulatory footprint spans continents and covers a global client base.

What licences does the Nexus Global network hold?

Powered by Blacktower Financial Management group of companies, Nexus Global provides licensing within the EU through IDD (Insurance Distribution Directive) and MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Blacktower Group/Nexus currently operate directly licensed entities in Gibraltar, Cyprus, UK, US and the Cayman Islands. Coming soon: Switzerland, Dubai and Australia.

Nexus Global is a division of Blacktower Financial Management (Cyprus) Limited (BFMCL) which is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) – Licence No. 386/20, Blacktower Insurance Agents & Advisors Ltd (BIAAL) which is licensed and regulated by the Insurance Companies Control Service (ICCS) – Licence No. 5101, Blacktower Financial Management (International) Limited (BFMI) which is licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC) and bound by the rules under licence number 03647, Blacktower Financial Management (US) LLC which is a registered investment adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC File # 801-111088), Blacktower Financial Management Limited which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – Registered number: 188611. Blacktower Financial Management (International) Ltd in the Grand Cayman is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Licence No 896523

How does the regulatory structure work?

Once you are onboarded as a member of the Nexus Global network, you will be registered with the relevant reguator as required. This partnership will gain you access to the licences, systems and providers that the Blacktower group of companies affords you.

Our regulatory infrastructure gives you a compliant platform from which to comfortably run your business, knowing that the intricate and complex dealings with regulators are being taken care of on your behalf. Our team of compliance professionals offer subject matter expertise and serve as a sounding board on regulatory compliance matters as your business navigates its challenges.

What’s the onboarding process like?

We have a simple two-phase onboarding process with phase one enabling your firm to be up and running and processing business within a short space of time. Phase two is your onboarding with the regulator. This will be explained in detail when you contact us for an appointment.

You will be provided with inductions on each aspect of the back office allowing for a full overview of the systems in place which are dedicated to supporting your business. Ongoing training will be supplied as needed ensuring that you and your team are always on top of regulatory updates and changes.

When I become a member, will I need to place all of my business through the network?

Any regulated business that is conducted in the jurisdictions where you have Nexus Global contracts needs to be placed via our network and follow our regulated processes.

Who do my clients belong to when I join the network?

Your clients are your clients. Your data will be ring-fenced within our CRM system and will sit under your own sub-agency codes (based on provider systems as applicable). For regulatory and PI reasons, while under the Nexus Global network, all clients are contractually owned by the principal (BTG) on behalf of the Nexus member. In the event that you decide to conclude your membership, we will assist and facilitate the novation of your client book to your new regulated platform.

What CRM is used under Nexus Global and does my business need to integrate with this?

Our CRM platform provides efficiency and high level management information at the touch of a button. A good CRM provides advisers with an opportunity to evaluate and streamline their workflow. WealthCraft promises worry-free reconciliations and strong business planning, development, compliance and day-to-day administration, all in one place. It even assists with the advisory process, and can pre-populate your RWLs with important information directly from the fact find. All of these features are designed to grant you time for what matters: your clients.

How do I know you understand my business objectives?

Nexus, in a nutshell, has been created by IFAs, for IFAs. Our leadership team has amassed many years of experience in the financial services industry, successfully navigating financial crises within the industry and building and maintaining a strong reputation throughout the years

I’m interested. What are the next steps?

Schedule an introductory call to find out more about how we can support your business. Fill in the contact form and a member of the Nexus Global team will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment.

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