Nexus Funds

Protection and growth for your wealth with actively managed, globally diversified portfolio solutions

Prudent investors know we live in a global economy and therefore a diverse global approach to investment is likely to provide the best opportunities for long-term capital growth.

The Nexus Portfolios are actively managed, with the assurance that a team of investment professionals are continually striving to both protect and grow your wealth.

  • All aspects of asset allocation are closely monitored by the management team
  • Globally invested in major market economies
  • Active investment management
  • Fully regulated Malta UCITS IV and V structures
  • Robust risk management

Nexus Global Solutions Portfolio

The Nexus Global Solutions Portfolio is designed to protect wealth and provide capital growth over the medium-term, irrespective of market conditions. An understanding of macro economic conditions together with detailed research into individual securities is used to construct a diversified, highly liquid portfolio, able to adapt to a broad range of market conditions.

Key Features

  • Multi-asset approach with exposure to cash, fixed interest, equities and alternatives
  • Exposure to a wide range of growth and defensive assets
  • Focus on major developed economies

Nexus Global Dynamic Portfolio

The Nexus Global Dynamic Portfolio is an actively managed, globally diversified, equity portfolio. The aim is capital appreciation.

Key Features

  • Capital growth through investments in global equity markets
  • Exposure to major developed economies and selectively to growing economies
  • Highly liquid equity portfolio
  • Dynamic Asset Allocation

Nexus Global Income Portfolio

The Nexus Global Income Portfolio is aimed at minimising risk and maximising returns. Investment is made into sustainable businesses where the model, dividends and bond coupons provide a better chance to survive a downturn of financial markets and who show high profitability, durability, simplicity and competent management.

Key Features

  • Targeted income of 4-4.5% p.a. paid twice-yearly
  • Income and Accumulation units
  • Highly liquid equity portfolio
  • Long only investment strategy

Nexus Portfolio Factsheets

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