Spotlight on Sam Barber, Principle, SJB Global

How / why did you get into your line of work in the financial services sector?

I was looking for a job in finance where the model was based on retaining clients for the long term that gave security with income through ongoing advice fees. Also, a job that enabled me to work in a sunny country.

What is your special interest or particular field of expertise in the financial services sector right now?
Providing holistic advice in Europe and Internationally, and also being able to provide advice for US expats.

What is the most important aspect of your work, in relation to clients, or the part of your day-to-day role which gives you the most satisfaction?
The peace of mind I get from having a completely transparent fee-based model where the company, adviser and client all understand what service is being offer at what cost. This win, win, win model enables all parties to feel like they are equally benefiting which brings the feeling of pride when we receive great reviews on trust pilot or google.

What’s special/unique/most interesting about the region you work in?
We are able to cater to clients globally, from anywhere in the world which doesn’t restrict us to any region, which in itself if unique.

How has the market / industry / your client base been impacted by Brexit?
Fortunately, this hasn’t affected us much.

Right now, what is your one piece of invaluable information for expats or anyone seeking retirement planning and wealth management advice?
Work out whether your retirement goals are achievable as early on as possible to provide time to be on your side if additional savings need to be made before retirement to help you achieve your goals. Having peace of mind will help transition into retirement easier without having to change plans last minute should your goals not be achievable. Proactiveness is always better than reactiveness.

What would be your advice to any firm seeking licencing permissions under an international network?
Somewhat biased response, however I don’t think there is a better network than Nexus. With over 10 regulated jurisdictions globally and ever increasing growth plans, Nexus offer everything a firm would need to be successful in this industry.

Nexus Global and Blacktower already have a long and successful history in the sector, how will your firm continue to offer value to clients in the next 20 years and beyond?
Utilise A.I., continue reviewing out investment strategy, keep up to date with new products, and most importantly always stick to our core values.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself
I wrote goals in a book I made for myself once after reading the book called “the winner bible”. In there I wrote I would marry the person I ended up marrying 5 years later and I would have a company in a beach where my friends worked with me (this was 5 years before I was even in the IFA industry). I found the book a year ago when moving house and had forgotten I had even set those goals.

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